There are three types of car people in this world.

The first kind is the kind that keeps the cars completely stock doesn’t modify them and leaves it the way the factory intended the cars to be, there’s the second type which I subscribe to is the type that purchases only regular ball ons your exhaust may be some suspension components and some visual pieces and they’re happy with that, and then there is the third type the owner of this car subscribes to this type and actually check every single box, when modding this car everything that’s available to mod and an BMW F80 M3 is for the most part on this car, minus a couple of things that are getting installed in this spring.

But today I wanted to you some of these mods and then we’ll take it for a quick spin.

Starting from the exterior we’ve got these beautiful BBS FIR wheels, CSOM front lip, a euro style front bumpers, GTS hood, Tommy L garage mud flat, Force Steiner GTS diffuser, OEM black line taillights, Eisenman rear section custom, tune by Kerry Jordan, 2 Pure Stage turbos, CSF top mount air coolers, even Terry carbon fibre intake, a VSF heat exchanger.

So let go for a spin…

And we’re off so we are in M1 which is sports, sports, sport everything. We’re gonna put the transmission in manual, the owner of this car tells me that he’s having difficulties gripping and actually doesn’t help that it’s 36 degrees outside and we are driving on summer ultra high performance tires.

Wow, okay this feels completely different from my car, no joke it feels like it doesn’t struggle with pulling which is kind of hard to explain, where my car you really have to you rev it up and it goes this one feels more like a V8 than a straight six. Steering wheel feels great , I really like it I like it better than my steering wheel, no joke, paddle shifters feel super grippy, suspension feels very compliant ,very similar to mine actually. It’s in sport now and it’s softer side but I think it has something to do with the different types of Springs. So let’s talk about the power, we’ve got these Pure Stage turbos, we’ve got a full exhaust, which includes the downpipe, mid pipe and rear muffler, we’ve got cold air intakes, upgraded engine cooling and let’s see how she pulls… Okay he wasn’t kidding when he said there’s no grip, holy moly! I have to be careful because these tires really have little grip when you pair them with this type of power anyways, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna chicken out I’m gonna put the traction control fully on.]

So fourth gear are doing 60mph 3500 rpm and let’s get on in I can’t tell you how fast I’m going but it was pretty fast and again I’m comparing the power to my car.

Yes there’s the difference with a dual clutch versus manual, however the transmission shifts really fast, that goes without saying, but there’s definitely, definitely a lot more torque than my car and in every single gear. The intake noise, it’s funny you don’t hear them when you get on the boost, you hear them when you when you let your foot off and it’s just an awesome, awesome sound.

 So driving slowly I don’t know if the camera is gonna pick up the sound, this is the beauty of these open cone air intakes, if you have something in a box just like just like a diamond, you will not necessarily hear the sound but any open air intake is just gonna give it this awesome awesome sound.

All right and we’re back on the highway I can fully confirm that the car is really fast, what I just noticed when I was breaking from 120 miles an hour to about 60, is the fact that the brakes feel kind of weak. I don’t know if it’s the pads or if it’s the fluid but I would be afraid of having this much power and with this type of a brake feel but I know the owner of this car is upgrading his brakes in the spring. I think is going to Brembos so that this will definitely be a much needed much me to need an upgrade.

We’re cruising 75 miles an hour on the highway and I’m happy to say there’s no drone, we’re in Sport+ so the flaps are fully open the throttle is in the most aggressive setting and there’s no drone and even if we close the flaps actually I’m not much of a difference but still it’s a very comfortable ride. I might actually look into that exhaust because it’s kind of cool listen, I love manual transmissions however, this thing just it feels like a video game it’s awesome the shifts are so much faster and you can keep your hands on the steering wheel. What I forgot to mention when I was talking about the suspension is lowering springs in the front, Kesava stock springs in the back but what helps the suspension are these sway bars I was actually I couldn’t put a finger on until I remember, yet this car has upgraded sway bars and honestly I thought my car was planted until I drove this one, this is really planted this intake noise is , there’s plenty of torque and even in fourth gear, fifth gear it just pulls.

You can hear that turbo spool is just such an intoxicated feat and intoxicating feeling and you know that this car is trying to get you in trouble.

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