Nearly every BMW can be equipped with xDrive the all-wheel-drive system by BMW and this provides 2 significant benefits, on the one hand you get improved driving dynamics and on the other enhanced driving safety.

This article will explain how BMW xDrive can support your driving in everyday circumstances.

The xDrive all wheel drive system is engaged constantly, however it only comes in whenever it detects potential danger. By doing this it supports you for instance on gravel, sand, wet or icy roads.

For example within a circumstance such as with ground unevenly covered with snow there are areas with more and areas with much less grip, the xDrive system permanently keeps track of the speed of each wheel and if needed it adjusts the power for every single wheel in order to get the very best possible traction, all this happens within just milliseconds.

Apart from this various other factors are measured, as well like the angle of the steering wheel and the pressure on the accelerator pedal. The variety of data makes sure that the system responds to a given situation within the very best possible way.

But safety is just one side of the coin, the other is much more driving pleasure for example, if you drive through a curb the BMW xDrive system lessens the power on the inner curve wheels, this supports the side movement and gets one out of the bend quicker. xDrive distributes the torque differently on every single wheel, when you take a coorner with too much power on the drive wheels, which usually occurs on slippery ground you might risk over or under steering.  In this situation BMW xDrive instantly moves the power to the front or rear axle depending upon the needs and it takes more energy to drive four wheels than just two but over the years BMW has constantly improved the system to accomplish a maximum level of effectiveness, for instance xDrive transfers only the amount of power to the respective axle that can actually be passed on to the road.

The BMW xDrive gearbox and transmission have been optimized to lower fuel consumption with BMW xDrive you get safer and more dynamic driving pleasure on all sorts of road conditions in all kinds of weather.