In everyday life, the BMW X1 performs flawlessly as usual, the 172 kw top petrol engine also pushes you into the seat quite nicely when needed. Nevertheless, it is not quite as sporty as a 3-seater estate, not quite as practical as the Van brothers 2 Series Active or Gran Tourer, and whether modest off-road data is not really suitable for off-road use. So the X1 is not fish and not meat. But one should express it more positively: He is a wonderful all-rounder – for the expensive money, of course. 

Engine & gearbox –  Always sophisticated and quite revving four-cylinder petrol engine. Restrained but fine sound. Smooth and quick-switching (obligatory) eight-speed automatic.

Chassis & traction –  As M Sport, hard chassis tuning with just enough comfort. In the limit area tendency to understeer, at full throttle, slight traction problems on the front axle despite all-wheel drive. Stiff but precise steering. Excellent M sport brake (surcharge: 662 euros). 

Cockpit & operation –  ergonomics without criticism, not particularly high sitting position (nevertheless good overview). Intuitive operation via well-positioned rotary knobs as well as buttons and voice control – and now also via touchscreen. Enough shelves available.

Stock & Stein –  thanks to electronically controlled all-wheel drive, good traction, but the Kraxler lacks all kinds of off-road properties (ground clearance, wading depth, locks, etc.). After all, downhill help on board.

Interior & trunk –  Enough space in both the first and second rows. Large, usable trunk with double floor and always flat loading area. Rear bench can be moved for an extra charge and comes with a triple split folding backrest as standard. No foldable passenger seat backrest on the M Sport.

Odds & Ends –  aprons, rims and all sorts of optic details as well as sports suspension and sports seats are obligatory for the “M Sport” (surcharge around R107 00). Otherwise there is not too much worth mentioning as standard – there are massive (expensive) extras. Appropriate processing and materials.

Protection & safety –  Except for knee airbags, all important air cushions are available, but there should be more assistance systems – most are bundled in the fairly priced “Driving Assistant (Plus)” package. At least series: full LED headlights.