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We stock used spares for BMW vehicles

We stock BMW used spares and parts for most models of BMW

Battling to find a specific BMW used part... We can source it for you!

The parts we stock are genuine BMW used spares, which are sourced from a wide range of trusted suppliers in the motor vehicle industry.

Even though we do our utmost to ensure our BMW parts are in good order and the best possible condition, we cannot however guarantee that they are completely defect free.


Our pricing is competitive and we always strive to give our clients quality parts and great service.

Buying Tips for BMW Used Parts

If example you are looking to buy BMW used spares you will find that OEM spares are always the best quality. Also the newer the car the harder the part you are looking for will be to get, this doesn’t mean that used part is impossible to obtain it just means that they are less New cars out there damaged And there is not a lot of used or wrecked cars to pull parts from but as we have been in the business for many many years we have got a fast network to reach out to and source used BMW spares for your vehicle.

You may also find that using non OEM parts they will often not fit correctly or not last as long as a OEM parts.

As cars and their parts are so expensive nowadays buying quality BMW used spares from our stripped inventory is a much cost-effective option, plus you also peace of mind that they are genuine BMW spares.

A super tip for finding used BMW used spares

Search online and you will find a vast number of BMW forums. Now the idea here, is to search the forums online and you are most likely to find a someone out there who is modifying his BMW and is replacing his OEM parts with performance parts, get in touch with him and you may find that he will sell you the OEM parts at a good price as there just laying in his garage and he has no more use for them.

Buying a collision damage car for a rebuild project

Locate the vehicle you are interested in buying, we suggest take a good number of photographs of the damages of the of the vehicle and then return home and do some online research phone around get prices on a OEM used BMW parts and generic parts as well then I would suggest work on the higher quoted prices , this will give you a worst case scenario of what will cost to repair the vehicle or to rebuild the vehicle, then you can figure out what price you should offer the auction house or the scrap yard for the car.
That will give you a final bid price that you know and will be comfortable with.

Tip – Safety Components

When it comes to safety components such a safety belts and especially airbags only purchase OEM products, knock off or counterfeit airbags can be dangerous so we suggest stay away from these.


Watch this video as it compares OEM factory manufactured airbag to an  aftermarket or counterfeit airbag.


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