This is the world premiere of the BMW M8 Competition Safety Car.

The M8 is the newcomer in our fleet of safety cars here at MotoGP and it will prove from now on its capabilities leading the world’s fastest motorcyclists around the globe.

And as we developed the M8 together with the GTE from the beginning the basis that we have here for a safety car is fabulous and the M8 safety car was modified in our workshops in Gothic near Munich and we did not just put on the additional equipment that we need for a safety car, such as the roof lights but we also put our entire range of M Performance parts onto this car.

The range the M performance BMW parts it is available also in a production car. Let’s go to the details of the front, our designers made a very specific and iconic changes especially for the safety car. We have the red foiled kidney grille, we have tailor-made carbon-fiber flaps on the side, these are already in performance parts that are also available for our production cars.

High-gloss black splitter and then of course on the rooftop the LED flashing light.

As we move to the side view what you see here is pretty much production standard we have developed a ionic design 20 inch lightweight rim which is available via M Performance Parts, it is very lightweight yet stiff and we also see on the car the carbon fiber ceramic brake discs and as a very neat feature, our new floating hub cap.

At the rear is anyway my favorite perspective of the M8, on this special safety car we see a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, a titanium specification performance exhaust system with carbon fiber end caps and most importantly directly taken over from the GTE race car, the rear wing the interior of the M safety car is pretty much production car like.

We have as an option here the M performance Pro steering wheel with carbon-fiber details and Alcantara we have the light control bar.

In the center console developed in-house we use it for the control of the LED flashlights on the rooftop, we have race specification bucket seats from Recaro the taylor made roll bar and the fire extinguisher system.

So let’s talk some facts and figures here this engine is the most powerful engine we have ever launched in an M production car 4.4 liter M twin turbocharged 625 horsepower 750 Newton meters of torque and this engine pushes the car in 3.2 seconds 0-100 km and of course we got a carbon fiber engine cover.

But most of you don’t know is that we at BMW spares also use the safety cars for internal development purposes.


The M5 for instance, we tested the competition specification long before we put it into production and also on the M4 we tested water injection long before it went into the M4 GTS so I can’t tell you what it is but you can assume that we put something interesting under this bonnet as well.

As the M8 is not the only safety car that we brought along, we also brought the entire fleet of safety cars.

BMW M and MotoGP have a 20 year long cooperation in which we gathered a quite significant amounts of safety cars brand-new for Spielberg and brand new for this season.

The range consisit of the M5 the previous safety car ,the M2, the M3 that is actually driven by the race director the M4, the M6 and the X5 M medical car and in the very back A8 that we use for MotoE .