When it comes to the model designation of the M2, BMW does not want to do without the addition “Coupé”. As if one would otherwise raise expectations that it could be a 2 Gran Tourer with 370 PS. Friends, the M2 is one for us.

From a song by Baz Luhrmann comes the advice that you should do something every day that you are afraid of. Well! When the spray hits the side window and the rear counteracts the first counter-steering, the reflexes get hectic. At the same time, there is a strange amount of time to think as the guardrail approaches. Well, more like the BMW M2 yourself. Anyway, I have the picture of Jörn in front of me, asks if it was a very clever idea to switch off the ESP on the cold, wet Hockenheimring. I shouldn’t quote from a song from 1999, but rather his driving report of the M2, according to which the ESP in sports mode already gives ample opportunity for oversteer. Ten meters to the plank, fully on the brakes, the ESP does not come out, after all, the double clutch transmission disengages to stabilize, but the rear is still at an angle. Very sideways.

That is enough – at least for another vision that goes through my head: As Mr. Kuntze, our producer, asks me with a rather weary than angry look, with which Mr. Renz now intends to fill these five pages, but rather not with an M2 , which is in a Baden guardrail. It is not stuck three seconds later, on the one hand thanks to the grip plus transmission and on the other hand there was no lack of warnings. Especially in the anniversary year of auto motor und sport, we are happy to take up the wisdom of our previous drivers. So the very esteemed Klaus Westrup wrote almost 50 years ago about handling the BMW nullzwei that “a certain driving talent may be desirable”.

The best of M shortly

Since then it has been the trademark of the most grandiose compact BMW and has reached a new high in the M2. He is one of those who make the new Porsche 911 Carrera S appear mild as old age. There is, BMW informs the fans (and possibly also the towing service Bongard in 53518 Adenau / Nürburgring) a GoPro bracket on the front towing eye of the M2. Lap times can be recorded and analyzed with apps. It has a start-stop system and is classified in efficiency class E. So it has all the requirements of the present day, but is still a sports car like before. One for us. Come on in, we’ll go.

Press the start button, and the turbo six with naturally sorted cylinders starts, buzzes through the flap exhaust. Selector lever on D. We could now launch-controlled cavalier starts or crawl gently like with a real automatic. The seven-speed double coupler was programmed with both. Its first four gears are translated shorter than in the manual six-box, the fifth is designed for both transmissions directly, the sixth longer in the DKG, the seventh lowers speed and fuel consumption, but not propulsion. Even in automatic mode, the box doubles up quickly and accurately, when switching down there is a tapser intermediate gas in comfort mode.

Suspension borrowed from big brother M4

In the city, well, it seems a little over-motivated. Like the harsh suspension set-up. The BMW M2 does not have adaptive dampers, jostles over short bumps, later over transverse joints on the highway and has therefore found the perfect suspension – in the M3 / M4, from which the axles originate. The front aluminum double-joint strut construction with play-free joints in the transverse direction also anchors to the sill for greater strength. The rear axle support in steel truss for the five-link aluminum rear axle is screwed directly to the body without a rubber buffer. As with the entire kinematics, it’s about stiffness, because that brings precision.

The M2 finally brings us out on the city and pushes forward on the highway. Enormous than the M235i with its 326 hp and 450 Nm. The M2 has 44 hp more and, if the twin scroll loader (two flow channels for lower exhaust gas back pressure and better gas exchange) overboosts, 50 Nm plus. The six-cylinder engine, which receives the crankshaft main bearings, pistons and cast iron bushings from the M3, is progressing so quickly that it quickly becomes apparent that the test car has the 07ME special equipment: M Driver’s Pack – raising the limit to 270 km / h. But that’s not the point.