Over the last 16 years I have owned 6 BMWs, 5 of them M cars, and I have done well over 160 000 Kilometres. Well, if you read on the forums and internet you see guys saying that every BMW’s engine blows up, every rod bearing is bad and that every subframe cracks and that all you end up doing is buying BMW spares and more BMW spares. This will be my experience at owning BMWs over the last 16 years, as daily drivers or weekend cars, I’ve even taken a couple onto the track.

2016 M2

2016 bmw m2 So I’ll start review with my current BMW it’s a 2016 M2 ,It’s a 6-speed manual and it’s an early build and the first batch of these cars were released around April 5th in 2016 ,My car was delivered May 6th 2016, just after the first batch of cars released, so it is part of the earlier build. It is my daily driver and I have about 16 000 km in a car and to be honest the cars been flawless ,and the main question I get is is are they reliable. So the car is bone stock standard and it has been super reliable, I had experienced no issues at all and it’s never been back to the dealer for any type of problem, the car has been totally flawless.

2001 BMW M Coupe

2001 BMW M Coupe As the 2001 and 2002 model European BMW coupes have the S54 engine from the M46 M3 . Now this car has a ton of modifications ,it has diamond software ,It has a modified suspension ,It’s sitting on 19 inch wheels Instead of the standard 17 inch ,It a straight throw shifter ,and I was install the cat back exhaust. Now this car has around 86000 km in it I’ve had it for 3 years ,I bought it used . Now everything you hear about these engines complaints are, rod bearings ,Vanos issues and crack subframes . Before I purchased the vehicle, I did three separate Independent PPI’s on the car, just to make sure there are no issues. The car passed PPI test with flying colours and over the last 2 years I haven’t any issues with a vehicle.

2011 BMW M1

2011 BMW M1 My next car is my 2011 BMW M1. In the United States that was sold in the model year 2011 . They only made 740 units . I bought this car used almost 4 years ago with 16000 km on the clock ,Now there’s a round 24000 times on the clock . I realise it’s not enough to test it’s long-term reliability ,But ever since I’ve had it hasnt had any issues. I even put on a car tune which gave it a ridiculous amount to talk at around 450 foot pounds. And the only bad thing that happened is that I went through real ties, but that is not a reliability issue . Now again 24000 timing is is that enough To test is long-term reliability but I plan Keeping the score a very long time .

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3 The only issue was next up is my 2008 BMW M3 Sedan It’s got a 6 speed manual transmission I bought the car new In 2008 ,Had it for 6 year and Drove it about 64000 km, Even did a couple of auto crosses with it . These models are known for their rod bearing problems ,R80 shoes with rodbearings at all,No squeaks or rattles The only thing I had to replace was one of the Angel Eyes ,Better than that I did the maintenance on time and the car is still Flawless .

E46 M3

E46 M3 And of course my E46 M3 ,Laguna Seca blue 6-speed transmission ,Rear wheel drive . Upton 16000 from those in the car had no problems no Venice issues No cracked subframes ,The only problem with the car it was subject to the rod bearing recall ,This included 01 to 03 I Believe .

E36 3281

E36 3281 And my first BMW ever was the E36 328i and I bought this one also used . What I liked about the car was the sport package .The sport package gave you special rooms . It was certified pre-owned and I got it at a very good price . I put about 48000 km in this car 4 years And hide zero problems , The only thing that broke was the water pump and that was covered by the certified warranty . So that’s I heard 6 BMWs, I which 5 were used, did well over 160 000 kilometres and the only BMW spares I had to buy was a water pump. So in all honestly I had no real issues with my cars to talk about.