The 2019 BMW X1 is the second generation to be produced. it is also the smallest SUV in the BMW range. they have changed the driving platform from a rear-wheel drive vehicle to a front-wheel drive vehicle which has the same setup as the Mini Countryman. With the transfers front-wheel drive setup there is more room inside the vehicle for passengers and luggage. the manufacturer is saying that there is no 550 litres of boot space compared to the previous 85 litres plus there’s much more headroom, shoulder and elbow Room and they also say the rear seat passengers have much more legroom. 

The 18i sDrive puts out 100kw and 220Nm torque, the 20i x and sDrive versions put out 141kw and 280Nm torque, the 25i generates 170kw and 350Nm torque , and lastly the diesel in this range being the 20d x and sDrive make 140kw and 400Nm torque.

The 18i models are all front wheel drive and the rest of the models in this range comes standard with the x or sDrive with all-wheel drive as standard and are paired with a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmissions.

The BMW engine is very quiet and smooth running and the overall  handling is pretty good, it only gets a bit sloppy if you throw it hard into sharp bends.

As the X1 is not a full-blown off-roader and comes with all season tires, it is still a good option for the general day-to-day use and weekend off-roader excursions. 

 Inside the vehicle

The interior is quite roomy and well put together although it doesn’t feel as expensive as the Volvo XC40.  Base models all get Bluetooth, DAB, cruise-control, as well as parking sensors as standard.

Lots of tech comes optional at reasonable prices, for example you can get an optional heads Up display as well as Sat Nav. 


The 2019 X1 is a very capable vehicle and a very good all-rounder although it doesn’t excel in any one specific area.  

Compared to the Volvo range the interior is a bit dull and it doesn’t ride as well as the Volvo’s. Overall the X1 has apeel and does not have any real glaring flaws but you may find more interesting vehicles in this class of SUV.