The all-new Toyota Supra has arrived!

It’s the 5th generation of Toyota’s high-tech sports cars and here are the top ten things you need to know about the brand new Supra.


It is designed with a long sleek bonnet and short back-end, this gives the Supra a classic sports car look but when you get a little closer the Supra looks busier than Tokyo train Station during rush hour.

It looks as if the designers have shrink wrapped the body over the chassis and then had a ninja slash at it.

The old Supra was fitted with Toyota’s legendary – 2JZ engine which was famous for being able to produce tons of power horsepower when street tuners and mechanics got hold of it.

Toyota Supra Front Spares

However the new Supra comes with a  BMW engine, which is sure to have the Supra purists up in arms.

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While some die-hard Supra fans may be a bit upset by yet another Japanese/German alliance, you can’t argue with the performance the turbocharged 3 ltr straight-six which puts out 340 hp (260 kw) and 500 Newton meters of torque.

With the help of launch control and an 8-speed automatic gearbox that’s enough to accelerate the Supra from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, that’s actually quicker than a BM M2 with a competition pack pushing out 410 hp (313 kw).

Apparently the Supra’s interior has been modelled on the cockpit of a single seater race car which makes it suitably snug and sporty.

The large infotainment screen behind the steering wheel comes with a awesome 3D rev counter plus you get great visibility at the front which should make it easy to place the car in corners.

Prices for the Toyota Supra are expected to start from around $68,000.

The Toyota Supra’s steel and aluminum construction doesn’t sound all that sophisticated but it’s actually more rigid than the Lexus LFA’s hi-tech carbon fiber chassis.

It also has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution, 19-inch lightweight forged alloy wheels, adaptive variable suspension and high performance brakes, so there are no excuses for it not being fun to drive.

The Supra only has room for two people but the seats have been designed specifically to hold you tight during hard cornering and even the lower half of the car is padded to stop you bashing your knees in bends.

You’ll also be able to bring along a decent amount of luggage in the 290 ltr boot which incidentally is actually more room than you get in a Yaris.

One of the cleverest parts of the Toyota Supra is its electronic active differential.

It’s controlled by a dedicated computer that takes into account things like steering angle, brake and throttle inputs, yaw rate and engine speed this should help make the car be more stable under braking and improve corner exiting traction and of course it’s should make it easy to drift.

The Toyota Supra has a 2 model range to keep it nice and simple, the entry-level car is called Active which is an okay name for a Corolla but not great for a sports car, anyhow it gets too big infotainment screens, Alcantara seats, adaptive cruise control, a 10 speakers stereo and enough safety kit to prevent overconfident yet under skilled drivers from ending up in a ditch.

Premium cars add black leather, a 12 speaker JBL sound system, a wireless phone charging pad and a heads-up display.

Toyota went into full geek mode when it developed the Supra it has devised what it calls the golden ratio now this is the relationship between the length of a cars wheelbase and its tire width supposedly, if you can get this ratio between 1.5 and 1.6 you get the best balance of agility and stability.

Naturally the Supra gets a figure of 1.5 5 so bang in the middle of that perfect range.