The brand new BMW 3-series is among the initial BMWs to incorporate the new design language.

The new version has a sporty low posture and the typical double kidney grille has grown considerably compared to its predecessor.

It’s visually linked to the headlights which in turn gives the front of wide appearance. From the side the new BMW 3-series is agile and yet compact. The reinterpretation of the Hofmeister kink is another important feature of the design language. It’s not a fixed part of the c-pillar with a freely suspended glass edge in the door giving it a more modern-day sophisticated touch.

is agile and yet compact. The reinterpretation of the Hofmeister kink is another important feature of the design language. It’s not a fixed part of the c-pillar with a freely suspended glass edge in the door giving it a more modern-day sophisticated touch.

BMW has used dark glass to draw attention to the three-dimensional l-shaped taillights and the solid parallel lines give the new 3-series a stylish, yet strong posture.

Inside there is a newly designed instrument cluster. at 312mm, it’s not only the biggest ever in a 3-series, it additionally includes new instrument styles making it a lot easier to read whilst maintaining both eyes on the road.

Next to the instrument cluster you’ll discover this Sense display together they incorporate to make one large info cluster that may be independently set up by the driver.

You have different pages and it can just simply swipe from one to the other and of course you can arrange your widgets precisely just how you want them.

An additional easy-to-use feature has been offered to the 3-series as well gesture control.

With the ambient light package you can also give the inside a more personalized appearance and lastly entirely new to the 3-series, the light carpet which lights up a safe passage from and to your BMW.

Now for everybody who loves even a sportier or more individualized look, there’s also a complete range of motorsport inspired M performance parts that may be added to your 3-series.

Lets take a closer look at some highlight parts from the M performance range, let’s start with the front and the end performance splitter that gives the 3-series a far more aggressive appearance.

Like all M performance parts it’s been tested at wind speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour and is designed to considerably enhance airflow and aerodynamics over and around the vehicle.

Now let’s check out the wheels because we’re talking 20-inch M performance wheels 795 m and in bicolor forged and flo-formed out of a single piece of aluminium, now sporty look seamlessly continues down the rest of the side where the black high-gloss M performance side skirts and the frozen black films underline an overall dynamic appearance quite literally an eye-catcher.

I’ll also be handmade M performance carbon fibre mirror caps and lastly the angle that the majority of people will get to see on the road which is naturally the rear, the blend of the front splitter and the rear spoiler gets even bolder with the addition of the carbon fiber rear diffuser, along with the black high gloss bumper trim.

The all-new BMW 3-series includes a number of ingenious ConnectedDrive and at driving assistant features.

First off we’ve got the new reversing assistant it recalls the last metres that you drove forward to get yourself into a narrow area and so once it’s time to leave again you just shift it into reverse and activate the reverse assistant it navigates you effortlessly back out precisely the same way in which you’ve arrived in the first place. It’s like a personal copilot who’s constantly prepared to jump in and assist when you need it.

An additional convenient new feature enables one to bring your favorite music into your BMW.

Connected music for which BMW has partnered with a number of music providers now it uses the BMWs embedded SIM card to stream your favorite music which means you don’t even need your mobile phone and the music is transferred without any restrictions or roaming costs. There’s also the remote software upgrade that makes sure that your BMW keeps up to date over the following years in case a software update is available for instance brand new commands for BMW smart personal assistant. You’ll get a notification after that you can download and install the update to your cell phone making use of any available Wi-Fi as soon as completed it will be transferred and pre-installed to your BMW while driving, then the following time you stop your BMW will takeup 20 minutes to install the update and you receive a notification as soon as completed.

However constantly keep in mind the final installation can only be finished as long as your BMW is standing still.

The all-new BMW 3-series is the very first one to include the new a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The IPA can control various functions for you, there’s a reason it’s called intelligent personal assistant, it learns your habits and behaviors permitting you to automate even more things, as you go freeing up time for the essential things in life.

If you always turn your seat heating on at a particular temperature level then the intelligent personal assistant will identify this and offer to automatically switch it on when that temperature level is reached.

Vehicles nowadays are loaded with awesome new features and functions however will be extremely helpful they also make things a little bit more complicated and that’s where the assistant comes in as your personal car expert.

Allow me to offer you an example… “hey BMW how do I use the child lock ” answer.. “push the locking lever on the rear doors up, the door can now be opened from the outside only”.

If you need to relax or feel a little tired while you’re on the road then the personal assistant can also help you with that… “hey BMW vitalize me” answer… “no problem I’ve turned on the vitalized mode” it turns the ambient lights to green, it starts the vaporizing music, drops the temperature, raises the aircon level, and automatically opens the shade of your sunroof.

And after three minutes the program is all done and everything goes back to how you had it before.

So ultimately here it is the 7th generation of BMW 3-series now the overall exterior provides us a very first look of BMWs new Design Language that was rolled out throughout all coming models the emphasis here clearly is on sportiness and athleticism.

Just take the wide stance for example it’s even further emphasized due to the visual connection regarding the kidney as well as the headlights.

The headlights they include standard LED technology and an optional laser light upgrade added visibility and safety the 3 dimensional taillight

Now also includes some dark glass on top providing a lower much more dynamic appearance.

As part of the brand-new design a few of the typical BMW trademarks including the Hofmeister kink have also undergone a modern but respectful reinterpretation and if they like creating things even sporty-er then the racetrack inspired BMW and performance components such as the carbon fiber mirror caps, the front splitter or the 20-inch M performance wheels as well as an excellent way to customize your BMW at any stage.

The BMW engineers have managed to improve the 3-series yet again the 4-cylinder engine now goes from zero to a 100km/h in just 5.8 seconds and the handling and steering feel like a huge jump from its predecessor.

It has better traction agility and stability in all driving situations and there’s the new significantly larger heads-up display which makes sure you keep an eye on everything as well as the road.