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Are OEM car spares better than aftermarket spare parts

So when it comes to a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vs aftermarket parts a lot of them are made by the exact same company. Often times, the aftermarket part won’t have the brand logo on it, same part, comes in the same box just no logo, great quality the only difference is that you are not paying dealership markup. Then there are the car parts which are manufactered in China, which may be ok or maybe not, this really depends on the part, one thing you’ve got to consider is how vital is this part, is this a connecting rod bolt for example?, that if it fails, you’ll be buying a new engine, in this case you probably want to go for the OEM used part, is the part a bumper trim that, if it falls off you can always get another one and it’s just a minor inconvenience. So the sensitivity of the part plays a big role in this.

Buying aftermarket electronic parts

This is an area where you should pay particular attention, to the type of part. Electronic parts sometimes also have issues where they will not communicate correctly or don’t read correctly.

Performance aftermarket parts

Then there’s the performance side of aftermarket parts, a totally different world of course H&R springs will be great, Eibach springs they will also be great, we are moving to a different world now, we are not replacing like for like, we are modifying our car, in this case the aftermarket part is the solution, especially from well-known brands. The big area that you normally find problems with is body panels, fitment is normally not great and the Integrity of the part is also not up to scratch, they are not made as the same thickness as the OEM parts, you will also find they are made from inferior materials materials to keep the manufacturing costs down, so these are some things to consider when deciding to buy an OEM part or an aftermarket part.

Will aftermarket spare parts last longer?

This is main question people ask about aftermarket parts, don’t worry about are they good or they’re bad, the question is will they last as long as the OEM spare parts? the basic answer is no, generally, aftermarket parts will not last as long as the original part, there will be exceptions, but then those exceptions are true because someone developers of a part are intended to replace a failure prone part from the manufacturer, and when that’s the case, it is likely to be more expensive than the OEM part, not cheaper, and if it’s cheaper than the factory product it’s almost guaranteed not to last longer. And also you’ll find a lot of aftermarket products just doesn’t have the same fit and finish which means sometimes you would have to modify it to make it fit, this is normally in the lowest tier of aftermarket products.

Are aftermarket spare parts safe?

When it comes to parts of your vehicle which could save your life in an accident or a collision such as a structural component or airbags,  it is recommended that you always use OEM parts.

Watch this video as it compares OEM factory manufactured airbag to an  aftermarket or counterfeit airbag.

So should you use aftermarket car spares on your vehicle?

There are different factors determining this decision, for example budget, if you can’t afford original part then your only option is to buy an aftermarket part. Always try and get a equivalent if possible, such as for example Bosch, because essentially you’re getting the same product has what you would get from the factory.

Another factor to determine whether you buy an aftermarket car spares is do you plan to keep in the car for a long period if not then it might pay you to go the aftermarket route because you’ll be selling the car in a month or two, but if you’re going to keep it long term I would really try and go for OEM parts, also don’t forget if you do have a problem with the part you can always go back to the company and get another or get a refund whereas with aftermarket parts this may not be the case .

Another option is that you may find big brand companies make multiple tiers of quality that people don’t know about. For example Michielin which is considered one of the premium brand tyre manufacturers, make a tyre which is specifically made for a certain retail group, it’s made by Michelin but is a much cheaper tire, but obviously I won’t be at the same quality rating has there more expensive tyres.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean it’ll be a lower quality part that often times it is.


But at the end of the day the choice is yours, we just hope that the above information will give you a better insight when it comes to making the decision to opt for an OEM spare part or an aftermarket spare part.

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